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Reikyuu [REDRAWN] by CottonCandyTokki Reikyuu [REDRAWN] by CottonCandyTokki
Yay, I finally finished redrawing Reikyuu!

I felt that that last doodle of him didn't do him justice so here, a little drawing and some info.

/ohmaigawd Reirei wat r u wearin


Somebody call Vogue.

Now, in all seriousness,


Name: Reikyuu Niji. His first name doesn't really have any meaning but his last name means rainbow in Japanese.

Age: 21. He'll only age when I want him to age, I guess.

Birthdate: November 22, 1991. 

Horoscope: Scorpio. He's rather quiet and keeps to himself like one, but around people he's familiar with or people he likes he'll act exactly the opposite. He's rather chatty and outgoing if you get to know him well. He's a go with the flow kinda guy.

Blood type: O. He gets drunk easily, as his blood cannot handle alcohol well. But he doesn't drink much anyways, only at parties (which he rarely goes to, the main parties he attends are holiday ones and birthdays) or when he's really, really stressed, which doesn't happen often. (Fun fact: He smokes... fake cigarettes. There's a type of candy that's a mist that you inhale, and he loves those. It makes him look badass, and, no health problems.)


As a child, Reikyuu liked to play with both genders, and with girls more frequently than boys, as he found them intimidating and didn't like their rough play. He had no problems with dressing in pinks and managed to get ahold of his sister's dresses a few times and wore them around the house. His parents heavily disapproved of this and forced him to play with children of his own gender, even dropping him off at other people's houses so he could get acquainted with their sons and maybe 'get back to normal'. Reikyuu disliked this but he couldn't do anything, so eventually, around elementary school time, he stopped acting so much like a girl so his parents would stop bothering him.
All through school until highschool, the subject didn't bother him again.

But, at around grade nine, he started to get really conflicted about his gender. It didn't feel right for him to be around boys, but the girls didn't accept him either. He ended up being alone and quiet, and continued to struggle through the rest of highschool, getting really depressed and anxious and eventually having to go see a counsellor.

After a few sessions with the school counsellor, near the end of grade 10, he cracked and told her about his issue. She was very accepting of it and said that he should tell his parents and work something out. Reikyuu immediately told her not to and she agreed that she would keep quiet about the ordeal for now, but that he had to face his parents someday.

In the middle of grade 11, when he was 17, he came home to a pair of very angry and upset parents. His life would change forever that day.

It turned out that his counsellor had called his parents while he was in class, and informed them about his 'problem'. They were obviously very upset about it, as they thought they had 'cured' him, and were now going to give their son the scolding of his lifetime.

They gave him the choice of forcing himself to become normal and he could stay with him, and if he didn't, they would disown him. Reikyuu was almost going to submit to them, but then something in him snapped. Why did he have to listen to him? Why couldn't he be what he was? Why can't he be what he wants to be? Why would they disown him for such a stupid reason. So, that day, he stood up to them for once.

And they disowned him. He was forced to pack his bags and he was thrown out onto the street, with nowhere to go.

After standing there, dumbstruck, for a couple minutes, Reikyuu decided to go somewhere to do his homework, since it was due the next day. But the library was closed. However, there was a cafe specializing in tea next to the library was open. And today was bubble tea day. Reikyuu decided to buy a bubble tea and do his homework there.

He got himself a green tea flavored bubble tea, (noting to himself that the guy behind the counter was quite handsome,) sat down, and started to do his work.

Before he knew it, it was closing time. Everyone had left, and the staff was cleaning up. He wasn't done his homework either, so he sat outside on the sidewalk and finished up. Since he had nowhere else to go, he just sat there, wrapped himself in a jacket, and closed his eyes. There wasn't much else he could do.

"Um... what are you still doing here?"

Reikyuu lifted his head only to see that it was the handsome counter guy who had made his bubble tea.

They engaged in a small conversation that let him in on his current situation, (leaving out the gender identity part) and whatnot. He learned that his name was Taeki, and that he owned the cafe, and started the business out of his love for tea. Since Taeki felt so bad for him, he decided to take him in and get him a job at the cafe. Reikyuu has been staying at his house ever since, and eventually after they got to know each other really well, he let him in on the gender issues part, too. Taeki accepted it pretty well, but then has been refusing to let him sleep in the same room as him.

After a long time, when Reikyuu graduated highschool, (he didn't go to college, not enough money and he already has a good job, so...) and with the help of Taeki, he managed to sort himself out and solve most of his problems and answer most of his questions. He is now happily bisexual, flirty, and still has his feminine side.


- He has a very awesome sense of style, as mentioned above
- He loves to express himself, one way is dyeing his hair crazy colors
- He prefers girls over guys
- He likes to crossdress when he's feeling especially girly every now and then
- He does have a little crush on Taeki, whom he lovingly dubs Tae, but Tae doesn't really like him back. Nowadays, Tae finds Reikyuu pretty annoying
- He loves green tea bubble tea
- He loves to express himself and state his thoughts now, because he was so quiet and kept his emotions bottled up as a child

Well.. I guess that's it.

Can you please fav+ if you liked it, comment what you think, and watch me if you wanna see more of him?
Thank you!

CottonCandyTokki out!
//rolls away
DarkMist1967 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student General Artist
the Taeki crush thing is kinda sad, poor guy Q.Q
CottonCandyTokki Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He will get him someday murhurhur =w=
DarkMist1967 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student General Artist
>U< someday
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